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 April 22, 2018

Pastor Chips and Westwood,

Thank you for your continued interest and prayers for us. I was glad to hear that you had the chance to meet Julie’s dad Bob Thompson. Thank you for the money that you sent even after we resigned from BMM. We cannot believe that it has been almost a year now from when we resigned and gave up our dreams of going to Ghana. A lot has happened to us in this past year. I am sorry we haven’t kept you up to date on where we are with life.

James - On May 1, 2017 I started working again full time on the maintenance staff at our home church, Salem Baptist. This is where I was working before and during deputation but now it is in a slightly different role of managing the after school cleaning people along with working on projects. It has been a growing experience for sure, but I have come to enjoy it. Along with working, I also enjoy serving on the Media Team at church. There have been several upgrades and improvements that I have been able to help with and oversee. This is the “job” that I really enjoy. I am also enjoying the opportunity to serve as a deacon.My health has also continued to improve. My doctor has started me on one last medication and after some adjusting with the frequency, it seems to be working. Once a month I receive an infusion of medicine and I am thankful for insurance. They have been great in covering all the costs ($5,000+/month). God provides!

Julie - In October Julie was offered a part time job working in the library at Piedmont International University. This is the college that we both graduated from and Julie has worked in the library during college and several times since. She really enjoyed this job but was continuing to look for a full time job. She had applied at numerous places but only one ever followed up. This was with the Police Department in their Records Division. She had 3-4 different interviews and countless forms to fill out as they did background checks and a polygraph test. Finally in February they offered her the job and she began on Feb 26. Currently she is working the night shift from 5 PM to 3 AM. She will do this for 6 months and then switch to the day shift. Both day and night shifts rotate so she ends up working some weekends. She will have a year worth of training before she can be on her own. She is enjoying it and is looking forward to a future of working for the police department. Julie continues to sing in the choir as well as heading up the decoration committee and the Woman’s Missionary Fellowship. She has enjoyed encouraging the woman to pray for missions and considering going on mission trips themselves.

Thank you for your support while Julie was looking for a job. Through all these transitions, God has shown himself faithful and we thank you for being used by God in that way.

Just in this last week, we got pre-approved for a home loan, looked at 2 houses and made an offer on our favorite one. The offer was accepted and we are scheduled to close on May 31!!!! This is exciting that we will have our own place and not be constantly moving or having the feeling of always being temporary. This will also allow us to move out of the house provided by Salem in exchange for James unlocking and locking up the church during the week. This job adds another 12 hours to my already busy 40+ hour week.

Thank you again for continuing to care about us and we will continue to keep you updated on our life here in Winston Salem, NC.

In His Care,James and Julie



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