Why Prayer Meeting?

“Tonight, we’re going to prayer meeting,” I say to each of my four kids in the late afternoon.

“Why?” was one response.

Which I understand. Because prayer meetings can be boring, and not just to kids. We sit still for an indefinite amount of time. We close our eyes. We have to say something in front of other people. That really doesn’t fit most people’s definition of ‘fun time!’

So, why do we go to prayer meeting?

For one, prayer is about talking to the Almighty God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The Bible tells us that God listens to us as we pray. That Jesus ushers us as believers in Him to the throne of grace. We tell God our requests, our praises, even our burdens and complaints. We find grace and mercy to help. We discover strength and wisdom. We are assured of His love and presence. All as we pray.

But prayer meeting is more than just prayer. It’s praying together. God gives a deep unity when you pray with each other, especially when those prayers are pouring out your hearts to God. I have a close bond with a good many people. A lot of that closeness and depth has been forged through praying together.

Yes, you have to pray out loud so others can hear and pray with you. But prayer is supposed to be about God hearing us, not so much others hearing us.

And yes, prayer may look like we are sleeping – sitting still, eyes closed. But, prayer is one of the most profound, awesome actions we can do. We’re no longer talking to ourselves, talking to each other, talking to strangers; we are talking to our heavenly Father!

I don’t go to prayer meeting because it’s fun. I go because praying to our God with each other is one of the most impactful, powerful, amazing things we can ever do.