A Window of Grace

If you were to ask me – right now – ‘hey Chips, how are you doing? How’s life going for you?’, I’d give you a very positive response: ‘My family and I are healthy; we’ve just enjoyed a wonderful Christmas time with extended family. My wife and I have put together a few goals to pursue for 2022. Our church is spiritually healthy and God is blessing with growth.’ All pretty good right now!

Of course, here’s the thing we all know: good times don’t always last. As nice as my life is right now, it won’t stay smooth, positive, and calm. School will resume and schedules will get chaotic. Stressors and temptations will come, often without any advance warning. In fact, it was just a few days past that I was facing a personal spiritual challenge.

Life can change quickly. Right now, I’m enjoying what you might call a window of grace. For this moment, God is being gracious to me in all the areas of my life. And so I thank and praise Him for this.

But what about when the inevitable change and difficulty comes? The window may be closed, but the wonderful thing is God’s grace continues. Because He never changes. He always is good, and always gives good gifts. He never ceases to be merciful and loving and faithful.

And no matter what may come, nothing can ever separate me from God’s love for me in Jesus Christ. Right now, it’s an overcast day – grey clouds block me from seeing the vibrant sun. But, the sun still shines; and we still benefit from it. Sometimes, it’s easy to see and feel the sun; easy to see and feel God’s grace. But even when it gets more difficult, we know God is still there. His grace doesn’t ever stop!