Seeing Jesus through the eyes of faith

Jesus has a good many interesting titles. He is King of kings, wonderful counselor, the Lion of Judah. But as we celebrate His first coming to earth this Christmas, it’s fascinating to note that He came in humble manner. In fact, Isaiah 53:2 promised that He would not be attractive, majestic, or much to look at. Jesus would never make the celebrity red carpet or the 100 most beautiful people.

But just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, don’t make a quick judgment about Jesus. His appearance may not match what you expect of the perfect Son of God, but this is deliberate. Because God always wants you to look at Jesus through the eyes of faith. You must believe that Jesus is the Son of God, something that isn’t accomplished through your eyes.

Once you see Jesus through the eyes of faith, you see His salvation, His beauty, His glory. But from where do these eyes of faith come? You’re not born with these. You don’t gain these as you go through life. You don’t earn them, purchase them, swipe them, or any way develop them. Instead, faith is a gift from God. You can only believe in Jesus as the Son of God because of God’s free gift of faith to you.

But that leaves us in a point of tension: I must have faith from God to see Jesus Christ and have salvation. But I can’t obtain this faith on my own. And I suffer God’s wrath if I don’t have this faith. What am I supposed to do? And again, this is deliberate. Because God always wants you to see your need for His grace, His help, and to pray, beg, ask, and implore Him to give you this free gift of faith.

What comes into your mind when you think of Jesus? Have you received the free gift of faith from God? Do you have eyes to see the beauty, the glory, the salvation of Jesus? If not, call on God in desperation to give you this gift. He will never turn you down. He is the God who saves, and the God who gives freely.