A Treasured Interuption

It’s a quiet night at your house, and you are enjoying the rest. Suddenly, a group of strangers arrive at your door, really excited about something. How would you react? Do you invite them in? Do you try to end it as soon as possible? Would you see them as part of what God is doing in your life? Or as annoyances?

Part of the Christmas story is the arrival of the shepherds to see baby Jesus. Most likely, Mary did not know these men, nor they her. The shepherds came with an interest and excitement to see the newborn baby Jesus. Having just given birth, Mary was probably not in the ideal condition to receive guests – and yet, that’s exactly what she was doing.

The shepherds related to Mary and Joseph what they had heard and seen from the angel. I imagine they were pretty excited about what had happened. Did they wake up baby Jesus? Would the shepherds have held their Lord and Savior?

Luke 2:19 records how Mary responded to these shepherds: “Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.” She didn’t resent these unexpected guests, but treasured their interruption, and especially the news they brought about the angel’s announcement. Mary already knew these truths about Jesus – that He was the Savior, the Christ, the Lord, and the glory of God. But hearing them from these simple shepherds was valuable and precious to her heart. It was something she never forgot.

Maybe you are quite familiar with the Christmas story. But do you still treasure these truths, pondering them in your heart? Do you make way for God to interrupt your life, allowing Him to teach you of new truths; or remind you of familiar ones?

If you are new to the Christmas story, are you reacting like the shepherds? Excited and willing to share it with others? Anytime God does something in our lives, it should thrill us and cause us to share it with someone else.

Merry Christmas!